We Scare Hunger at PHS

We Scare Hunger at PHS

Pickering High School’s Me to We club just wrapped up their We Scare Hunger food drive initiative for Halloween.

Taking the school by storm, I was so eager to learn all about the Me to We club.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to grade 10 students Katherine Elder, a member of Me to We, and Disha Tandon, who is an executive representative for the club.

KOBE WOO: So what do your meetings usually consist of? What gets done at meetings?

DISHA TANDON: So this month was the food drive, we had a lot of meetings just promoting… telling people to bring in more food items, updating everyone on how much was brought in. We usually do small quizzes to inform people about what our community is going through.

KW: The big thing this month was Halloween. Me to We did the “Trick or Eat” initiative, what was that like?

DT: I went “Trick or Eating” and I got 80 cans towards our food drive. I know Naim who’s another executive, and he got 443 cans when he went “Trick or Eating”. He was a huge contributor to the food drive.

KW: How do you actually go out and do “Trick or Eating”?

DT: So we have pre-printed slips that we give out to notify people about how on Halloween night, we go around and say, “I’m not collecting candy, I’m actually here to collect non-perishable food items.” And they give you as much as they can.

KW: What were some of the reactions you got when you went to these people’s houses?

DT: It was a really good feeling because people were like, “It’s such a good thing you’re doing, you’re really helping the community, it’s so good to see young people doing this…” and it feels really good to hear you’re doing a good job and you feel really motivated to keep going.

KW: For the Halloween bake sale, I heard you guys raised over $1000.

DT: Yup. It was really good.

KATHERINE ELDER: It was a record!

DT: We set a Me to We record which was pretty cool. We’ve never raised that much money before.

KW: Where does all the food and money go to?

DT: The food goes to the Salvation Army, and the money goes to St. Paul’s On The Hill.

KW: So now that Halloween is over, what’s next for Me to We?

DT: Next, we are planning on doing Holiday Heroes. Holiday Heroes is when you nominate someone because of an act of kindness that they did. It can be a really small act or a big one. Then the club chooses a winner and they are announced to the school, but in the end, everyone who was nominated gets a candy cane.

KW: That’s so great! Is there anything else about Me to We that you want people to know about?

DT: Just that people should care a bit more about the community because I noticed that in this food drive, people were really… lazy. I kept hearing people say, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow…” and then they never ended up bringing in food items. So I just think that people should care more and be more aware of hunger in our community. There’s a lot of things people don’t understand. Out of sight out of mind, right? So, I think everyone needs to know that there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the things that we have.

KE: I also want to say that if anyone is looking for a club that helps locally and globally, for example, we bought 3 goats for families in need last year. So I think Me to We is a really good club to join.

DT: And it’s not a huge commitment. If you really believe in the cause then you’ll have so much fun.

KE: And you can actually see the difference that you’re making.

Me to We continues to bring all the food items to the Salvation Army. The food drive was a success.

Me to We will continue to meet Thursdays @ lunch in Ms. Leaney’s room to discuss future initiatives for the end of the year.

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