“The Good Ol’ Days”

“The Good Ol’ Days”

 Everyone is tired of hearing adults say that. “Remember the good ol’ days?” The time where no one walked with a cellphone, everyone went to school with a paper bag lunch, baggy clothes were a hit, and everything seemed simple. Obviously, as a Grade 11 student born in 2002, I’m not old enough to know everything about the “good ol’ days,” but I have my own ideas about what those were. Specifically around the time that I was a toddler. It was a time where you’d put a bunch of butterfly clips in your hair, fill in colouring books with scribbles, and pretend to take care of a baby doll that you actually threw around with every chance you got.

In between the days of another crazy week at PHS, I took some time to reflect on the past. A time when I didn’t overthink things, I didn’t care about what others thought, and I felt free to follow my imagination where ever it took me. I remembered being 5 years old and waking up at 7:00am on a Saturday so I could play at my dollhouse and make up stories. Now, I can barely wake up at 9:00am on a Saturday! I also remembered being 10 years old and looking forward to this very time of year with pure joy, because I knew that winter was coming and I would get to spend lots of time playing with my friends in the snow, regardless of how cold my nose and ears got. Now, I’m wishing we could go back to summer.

Everything was so simple when we were kids. A lot of people wish that they could go back to when they were a kid, whether that be at 2 years old or 12 years old. But, I realized that everything was so simple because of our outlook on life. We were innocent and didn’t worry about the past, or future. We lived in the now, and we imagined everything possible for us. We didn’t live in the standards set by others, we broke the rules. I used to walk around with rubber bands on my wrist as bracelets and a princess tiara on my head. Sixteen year old me would say that I’d look ridiculous if I wore the same thing. But three year old me was just being her true self. The one that imagined herself as a princess and believed she could do anything.

In my whole nostalgic rant, I just wish we would all, myself included, live a bit more like it’s “the good ol’ days”. Not to say we have to run around the house in a diaper, but we should imagine all that’s possible. We should not worry about how we are looked at, and worry more about our own outlook. The “good ol’ days” and all this nostalgia is a great reminder that it’s okay to be a kid sometimes. After all, it was a simpler time.

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