Drama at Pickering High

Drama at Pickering High

When we hear the words “Drama at Pickering high school”, our brains do not immediately think of amazing theatre productions put on by the school’s talented students and faculty. Many of us stray towards the idea that there is some sort of altercation between two students. Someone said this horrible thing about this person and they found out. Boom. Drama. Little do many know of the fantastic theatrical productions put on every year by their very own high school. The student body should be far more aware of the hard work and creativity that their peers exude for these visions to become a reality.

From their grade nine year, students are presented with the opportunity to make friends that will last them through the entirety of their high school careers through the simple act of choosing drama as an elective course. The options do not end there, however. Students who do not take drama on as a course still can join dramatic activities. Cabaret is the first to roll around. Auditions and casting take place in late September and early October and show week takes place in December. Cabaret is a series of one act short plays and sketches written, directed and performed all by students. There, students can become a part of a family and bring to life tragic and comedic stories. All grades are welcome, and no experience is required. Improv Club meets every other week in the theatre where students can leave all stress at the door and have fun learning and performing comedic improv. They later can try out for Improv Troupe that performs every second week in the theatre during second semester. All grades are welcome, and no experience is required.

Theatre at Pickering High School is one of the most inclusive and familial environments in the school. Students can truly be themselves and if they do not know who they are just yet, drama can help them find out. For those who do not want to necessarily perform, technical theatre is an extremely interesting field to be in. These people run the show. The lights, the sound, the props, the set, they do it all and make the actors look good. Without our ‘techies’, theatre at Pickering would be nowhere. Support for the drama department is also needed. It wouldn’t be a performance without an audience, right? Productions such as the annual school musical always draw in a crowd. Students and family members alike can enjoy an array of harmonious acting, singing and dancing in late May every year.

Drama here at Pickering High School is simply underrated. The amount of talent that our students have is unreal and deserves far more recognition and participation than what it receives.

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