Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Hegemony, Power, and Post-Modernity

The first installment in the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians was originally published on June 28, 2005. That was approximately fifteen years ago, meaning that if this book was someone’s child, it would be old enough to vape in the science hall bathrooms by now. Not unlike the prepubescent grade 9s of PHS, Percy…
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The Lack of Inclusivity in the Makeup Industry

I’m all for new makeup from new brands and new makeup artists. Sephora is stacked with high end brands that come out with new products every month! And although there are hundreds of makeup companies in-store and online, there always seems to be one common mistake they make without fail: lack of inclusivity. Influencers and…
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Mushrooms- Below the surface

Inspirational mushroom science. Learn more about the new discoveries regarding fungi.

Here We Go! PHS DECA’s 2019/2020 Moves.

DECA’s got some new moves this year. Read to find out what they’re up to!

Creative Destruction Labs: High School Girls’ Program

A description of my experience at the Creative Destruction Lab’s High School Girls’ Program and why you should do it!

Optimization, the biggest problem of our generation

Ever been in calculus class slaving away at implicit differentiations and wondering so what? Beyond the wall painting and paper folding questions of MCV4U, there lies a cutting-edge field of mathematics, computer science, and physics. At the heart of all these advancements? Multi-variable calculus. What? Calculus can be looked at as a way of analyzing…
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Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen where designers across the globe come out with extravagant looks to showcase to the world. Are they proposing we wear big fur coats paired with fluffy tutus and thigh high boots out in public? Maybe. Does it get people talking out about their designs? Most definitely. …
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Guess Who: an Intuitive Approach to Quantum Mechanics and its Spooky Math

Ever seen the words “Quantum” and “Mechanics” thrown around together haphazardly in comic books and movies? Learn more about this somewhat complicated but not at all confusing field now!

A House is not a Home: the REAL Estate Epidemic

It’s been nearly 56 years since Dionne Warwick informed the people of the world that a “house is not a home”. It seems nowadays, the idea of a house (let alone a home) is beyond the means of many, acting more as a financial tool for foreign investors and hedge funds rather than shelter for all.