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Where Will The World Take Me Next?

Each year Pickering High School opens their doors and welcomes new students for the upcoming school year. Some are coming from neighboring elementary schools, while others are attending PHS from a school on the other side of the world, where the education system follows slightly different standards and expectations than what we have been familiarized with.
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Generation Z : They Either Think Too Much Or Too Little

Your parents nag at you constantly for being on your phone, for not being responsible enough, or for being lazy. Their parents nagged them for not being able to land a job, or for always going out at night. And your grandparents parents probably nagged them for something along those lines as well.
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Tiarra Reimer Reflects on Her Rugby Experience

Seventeen year old Tiarra Reimer plays lock (15s) for the PHS girls’ rugby team. This season, I had the opportunity to talk to Tiarra about her experiences.
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The Issue with Cell Phones

Cell phones are amazing, and that I say without a doubt. A person can call, text, Skype, Face Time, do research and type, among countless other applications, and it all fits in their pocket. I find cell phones are a useful tool in the student life as well. There are times when they are required for in-class assignments, or a student needs to keep up with groups and parents.
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Daniella Sykes: Speed Skating Extraordinaire

Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating which involves competitors racing against each other in traveling a certain distance within a specific duration of time. I recently interviewed Pickering High School’s seventeen-year old speed skater Daniella Sykes.
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