Month: September 2019

A House is not a Home: the REAL Estate Epidemic

It’s been nearly 56 years since Dionne Warwick informed the people of the world that a “house is not a home”. It seems nowadays, the idea of a house (let alone a home) is beyond the means of many, acting more as a financial tool for foreign investors and hedge funds rather than shelter for all.

We Scare Hunger at PHS

Pickering High School’s Me to We club just wrapped up their We Scare Hunger food drive initiative for Halloween. Taking the school by storm, I was so eager to learn all about the Me to We club. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to grade 10 students Katherine Elder, a member of…
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Unwind: 5 (fall) things to do when you just can’t deal with life at the moment

Everyone has mixed feelings about fall. Some love the colours, pumpkin spice, and sweater weather, while others complain about the cold and the long wait until Christmas. As students, fall can get pretty crazy with schoolwork. So here are a few things to take your mind off of the craziness and get you into that…
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“The Good Ol’ Days”

 Everyone is tired of hearing adults say that. “Remember the good ol’ days?” The time where no one walked with a cellphone, everyone went to school with a paper bag lunch, baggy clothes were a hit, and everything seemed simple. Obviously, as a Grade 11 student born in 2002, I’m not old enough to know…
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Study Habits from one Teenager to Another

We’ve all done it. Promised ourselves that we would go straight home after our busy day and study for that test we’ve been dreading all week, or finish that essay that we waited until the last minute to do because we just could not be bothered by it, or start working on that three-part ISU…
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Looking to volunteer somewhere? Help out at Footprints 4 Autism!

It’s time to give back to the community – and potentially find your calling while doing so. Still need to finish your hours? Footprints 4 Autism is an organization that provides respite services to families with children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Every week, they offer sessions where these children are placed in respite…
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Drama at Pickering High

When we hear the words “Drama at Pickering high school”, our brains do not immediately think of amazing theatre productions put on by the school’s talented students and faculty. Many of us stray towards the idea that there is some sort of altercation between two students. Someone said this horrible thing about this person and…
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Do you know DECA ?

Uncertain about school clubs? Want to participate in a community leadership organization? Learn more about DECA!