PHS Network

Pickering High School's source of school, community, and global news.

Who are we?

PHS Network is a platform dedicated to fostering Pickering High School’s student culture. Formerly known as the “Trojan Times”, PHS Network has evolved from a school newspaper to a digital hub for sharing student interests through a variety of mediums. We’re mostly known for making articles and podcasts, but any contribution is welcome on our website. 

How can I help?

Our club runs on Thursdays at lunch in Rm. 115. All submissions, depending on their format, are either made through the website or sent to our email. We carefully review all submitted content for issues with quality and grammatical errors before putting them up on the website.

Come to our weekly meetings and we’ll help you get started! Join our remind for updates on the club (text @joinphsnet to (450)-987-0555), follow us on Instagram (, and email us if you have any questions.

Here are a few examples of things you can contribute:

Student podcasts

Often referred to as the “let’s buy a bar” of our generation, making a podcast is a great way to share your passions, practice your speaking skills, and learn to dedicate yourself to a task.

Write an article

Educate people on community issues, give a behind-the-scenes look on your school club, or share your opinions on the housing market. The possibilities are limitless!

Artwork & Photography

Are you an artist or a photographer? Our website is a great way to show off your talent to your peers and spread the word about your art! Post anything from personal art, school projects, or recreational photography!

Creative writing

Are you the next Shakespeare? PHS Network is an outlet for your poetry, stories, and personal essays. Who knows, maybe somebody will write a spooky tale about the bathroom in the Grade 9 hall that is definitely haunted...


Love making and doing quizzes? Our website is a great platform for quizzes you may make, including personality quizzes, and even trivia!

Any other ideas!

These are only a few suggestions to help boost your creativity, but feel free to ask us about producing any other content you desire to make!